"There’s something special about the feeling of pouring your heart out on paper and sending it to a loved one".  

- Shivani Sharma
Founder of Mubarak Cards

My Story

Hi there! I'm Shivani, the founder of Mubarak Cards. My story starts at age 35 when I found myself divorced with three young kids and had to rebuild a new life for myself. Although many people in the South Asian community still believe today that life is over for a woman after she gets divorced, I was determined to prove that notion wrong. I stayed positive and moved forward, with my kids being my motivation to stay strong, and today more than 7 years later, I am happily remarried and living with my kids, my new husband, and my stepson in our happy home. The idea of creating Mubarak Cards came to me during the pandemic when people were not able to see their family and friends to celebrate any religious festivals or special holidays together. During that time, my own family decided to send all our family members gifts for Diwali since we couldn’t meet with them to celebrate. We searched everywhere for Diwali greeting cards and were very surprised to come back empty-handed and realized that although we live in a multicultural society, the greeting card industry did not have anything to represent and celebrate our religious and cultural holidays. That’s when I decided to make these cards myself and took a chance on starting Mubarak Cards. We were very lucky that we were given so much love right away. I was overwhelmed when the orders started coming in only minutes after I had posted my first photos on Instagram--and the love that we have received ever since has been simply phenomenal! I like to think that the story of taking charge of my own life and eventually finding happiness and success not only personally, but also professionally as a woman entrepreneur will help empower other women who may be in similar situations. Thank you to all of you for being here and for supporting my entrepreneurial dream!

This is my hubby and the silent force behind the success of Mubarak Cards. Although starting up this business venture was my dream, he has been there to support me every step of the way. I appreciate the fact that he motivated me to pursue my passion and is always there to support me in any way I need. He gives me the freedom to run the business as I choose to, but at the same time is always there when I need someone to bounce ideas off and need a fresh perspective or opinion on things. He also wears many hats for our day-to-day operations...from packaging, to delivering to providing 24-hour tech support.... he does it all!  I feel truly blessed to have a life partner who encouraged me to follow my dreams and who cheers for me every step of the way.